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Cherry St, Newlands

Context and brief

The  house is situated in a  lush forested setting.

The Client was busy self-renovating the existing house to create a separate “Flat-let” and wanted the landscape to relate better to the adjacent  internal spaces. 

Design solution

The front garden levels are carefully manipulated to create an off street secure parking at the higher end of the property at the house’s entry level.

A new pedestrian entrance gate and stairs provides access for both visitors arriving off the street and for those coming up from the secure driveway.

At the rear, the house is raised quite high above the existing stone terraced garden and the existing enclosed veranda, with high window cills, further separates it. The proposal retains the stone terraced walls and introduces an additional  terrace level  closer to the house, reducing the house’s  height in relation to the garden.

In the lowest part of the garden, the presence of a spring provides the opportunity for a natural plunge pool with water storage tanks below a new timber deck, such that the pool and main lawn area are all on the same level.

The new “Flat-let” on the lower level opens to a dedicated terrace and garden designed more organically due to its quieter location in amongst the existing trees.


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