I have been practising  as an Architect since 1994, both in South Africa and the UK and have travelled extensively both within South Africa and abroad. I have worked on a wide range of projects primarily in the residential and commercial markets.

During my early career in South Africa and later in London I worked on high end residential new builds and renovations, managing all aspects of the documentation and contract management process, including dealing with the arduous Local Authority approval processes as well as very demanding clients.

On returning to South Africa in 2001 I joined an established practice in Cape Town which specialises in environmentally sustainable architecture,  gaining valuable experience in what was an emerging field at the time.

In 2003 I started my own practice focusing on residential work, primarily located in Cape Town. I work solo on most projects, producing all design and construction documentation myself however I have access to a network of additional resources when required for larger projects. I also manage and administer the construction contract along with all associated specialist installations by direct contractors.

I understand the value in establishing good working relationships with a few select building contractors and have tended to use the same Engineers and Quantity surveyor for most of my work. I have extensive experience in dealing with the Local Authority approval processes and take great satisfaction in completing a project where all parties remain on good terms with each other!

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