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Hse Crafford, Rondebosch

Context and brief

The original garden comprises mainly large areas of lawn with aging, neglected planters around the edges. The garden areas have little relationship with the house’s  entertainment areas.

The client is overwhelmed by the size of the garden and wanted  help in  defining the landscaping and creating a more water wise garden.

Design Solution

The concept is to create different “rooms / spaces” within the garden where one can have different outdoor experiences.  Structured public socialising spaces are suggested to better relate to and link  the main entertainment areas of the house and new pool. In contrast, quiet private areas,  more removed from the house are designed more organically.

Reduced formal areas of lawn and a classical  ordered herb and vegetable garden with formal walkways and focal features are proposed to contrast with the organic paths and clearings in the forest-like peripheral areas.

A range of materials are proposed to enhance and define these different areas while existing and new garden features are used  to provide focal  points.


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