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Hse Chandler, Rondebosch

Context and brief

This existing house, built in 1933, is a good example of the British ‘Arts and Crafts’ style which was popular in the area at the time. It had however suffered some ill conceived extensions added over the years which the client was keen to ‘clean up’. The accommodation was to include an existing small home-based manufacturing business and a hobbies room while a new ‘granny flat’ was to be added.

The clients love the ‘character’ of the original house and wanted to retain its classic old world charm. It was imperative to them that any extensions blend seamlessly with the original house both spatially and aesthetically.

Design Solution

The old extensions were demolished to make way for a new double storey wing which draws on the materials and detailing of the original house. Modern construction  methods are concealed to ensure the new work is in keeping with the original style. The interiors received similar treatment with finishes being carefully selected to maintain the effect.

Some of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ thinking we applied includes:

  • Structural “authenticity”: exposed beams & rafters, strong posts, rafters that extend past the roof line. Dormer roof windows within the roof
  • Materials: wood (especially oak), locally sourced stone, plaster, brick
  • Natural influences: earth tones, attention to wood grain, decorative items
  • Craftsmanship: hand hammered metals, handmade tiles, the embracing of imperfections
  • Feature elements: homey, glowing interiors, prominent accent features like fireplaces and chimneys , art glass to soften light, decorative light fittings


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